You Know You’re A Budding Entrepreneur When

You don’t pay yourself.

You grow so fast mentally within the space of a week.

You feel horrible letting your workers down on a project because you don’t have enough to pay them + they have families.

You’re constantly taking courses/doing research investing in yourself.

You unconsciously forget to take care of yourself first so you have to go through efforts to remind yourself to do so.

You weigh your options in terms of being beneficial to your business in the long run and all kinds of business investments.

You stop/can’t/don’t even think of shopping.

You scrounge every cent into your business.

You’re turned off when people who haven’t done anything with their life try to give you business/any advice.

Your friends and family are tired of hearing you talk about your goals.

You realize who your lazy friends and acquaintances are.

You’re turned off by people who don’t understand your hustle/not on the same level as you.

What was a moment you realized you were officially an entrepreneur? Comment below, I love when you share.

Gia Dixon

Hi, I'm Gia, an international influencer agent. But before that, I was the Goldilocks of femme entrepreneurs. Started 2 businesses before I found this delicious one that was juuuuust right. Join me on my journey full of praise & pain, trying to balance everything as a female founder.

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